CTL is located in Guatemala, with active and modern ports of entry on both Pacific and Atlantic oceans, turning it into the most important Geographical Platform for export, import and logistics operations for the region and to USA, Canada, Mexico, and Mesoamerica; strongly supported by NAFTA and DR-CAFTA.

CTL is a company mainly dedicated to tolling and manufacturing by contract of Crop Protection Products.
CTL offers the benefit of an integral service supplying packaging materials; bulk formulation, repackaging and logistics specialized in agrochemicals stewardship.







In today’s dynamic market of Crop Protection wide range of products, marketing and sales efforts demand more resources by every passing day; therefore, supply chain optimization is essential to become the platform for an optimum commercial structure. CTL focuses on tolling- manufacturing, and logistics services for Agrochemicals.

CTL, created in 2005, mainly for export. Currently is actively exporting to USA, Central America, Caribbean, and Andean Region. Is certified ISO9000:2008. CTL has an ideal operations platform with a production plant and warehouse on the south coast of Guatemala, Central offices on Guatemala City, and operations on an inbound warehouse on the northeast coast, right next to the Atlantic Ocean main ports.






Custom toll Manufacture


Specialized in toll manufacturing of agrochemicals products for crop protection, warranting customer satisfaction by providing a reliable service, expertise, efficient response time, flexibility to accommodate to customer needs, lower cost for development of new products.

CTL’s installed capacity for formulations:
SL - Liquid Solutions
EC – Concentrated Emulsions
WP – Wettable Powders
SC – Concentrated Suspensions
GR – Granules for impregnation
DP – Dust Powder








CTL provides repackaging service at the plant, for both liquid and solid products for crop protection in a wide range. In liquid products from 100cc up to 1000Ltrs and capability to handle bulk, both receiving and shipping ISOTANKS.
Solid products from 26grs up to 100Lbs. Capability to handle bulk with 800Kg jumbo bags.

CTL is committed to innovate our services, and we offer MOBILE PACKAGING UNITS. We come to your site and provide certified personnel, repackaging, and filling machines.






International Logistics Operator

Storage exempt of duties for up to two years.
Re-destination of finished goods or manufactured goods to any foreign country
Storage, warehouse, handling, and transportation under FAO Agrochemical Regulations.

CTL ZOLIC Inbound Warehouse in Atlantic Port / Free Zone: as a distribution center for finished products, strategic storage of raw materials, etc…

CTL PLANT Inbound Warehouse for materials that will be processed for further exportation either to other countries or to the Free Zone to import in local market. General storage for customers by day or by dedicated area.

CTL can be your Logistics Operator, certified and specialized in safe handling of Agrochemicals,

Distribution channel for allocation points within the country, any state in USA and/or región. Lead times of even 4 days to different parts of the gulf. We offer competitive storage rates based on position.

If your company is classified under 29-89 law decree, CTL offers management of your import/export bond with OPA, assuring and foreseeing availability and follow up with IRS and customs.














Office Guatemala City


Address Planta Río Bravo


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